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replica herme bag There are few sacred things in handbag design, but among them is the Hermès Birkin. When Hermès is feeling creative, the brand generally looks to the Kelly to make tweaks and create new versions–we documented nearly a dozen in our guide to Hermès bag styles, and that doesn’t include limited editions. There are far fewer Birkin styles, but now, there’s another to add to the list: the pared-down Hermès Sellier Birkin 40.

replica hermes australia According to T Magazine, Hermès leather design director Couli Jobert set out to de-clutter the Birkin down to its essential look, which involved losing the lock and key, hiding the stitching, smoothing the edges and removing the interior lining. The resulting 40cm bag comes only in black cowhide (T didn’t specify the Hermès leather name) with Palladium hardware, and it’ll set you back $14,900.

replica hermes bag 2019 The timing of this Birkin is perfect; although interest in Hermès bags is seemingly unending, minimalism is very much in vogue for day bags, and any design, even a Birkin, runs the risk of feeling stale as trends ebb and flow. Breaking the Birkin down to its simplest state not only gives aficionados something to chatter about and clamor for, but it reminds all of us that Hermès is successful because the brand is built on a foundation of exceptional design and materials. Most brands’ bags would not fare as well when stripped down to their bones, but the Birkin’s magic endures.

replica hermes bag 2018 I just had to have that replica handbags bag!!!! I’m an LV girl all the way, but the black caviar boy had been on my mind for sooooo long. Also just purchased the gut with GHW and think that will suit my need for a larger size handbag. I guess the boy has got to go to someone who will enjoy it. Appreciate the feedback🌺

replica hermes belt In a dilemma!!! I don’t know if I want to sell my boy bag that I scoured the country for or the locker by LV. Neither has been used. Boy bag is new med but I’m used to larger bags. Help, please😰😰😰😰

replica hermes belt bag You didn’t seem to notice that I also wrote “I appreciate the word” also ” I love”! There were the only 2 comments of many I posted that I included the I CAN AFFORD THEM! That one was just for you geez U wish you could too???? Just curious, don’t be so WoWed by such little things, geez!

replica hermes belts wow, do you really need to stick “because I can afford it” in every response? you’re not the only one here that can afford them, it’s nothing special to be able to afford a Birkin on the replica handbags.

replica hermes birkin 35 I brought up a good point also. The one above is a limited edition, so it does only come in a 40 cm. However, Hermes bags, including the Birkin come in many sizes, quite small to quite large. They are also available in many amazing types of leather in many unbelievably gorgeous colors. Also, they are not incredibly heavy. What I love about a 40cm, is not that I can stuff it till it burst, but that I can look in and find anything I am looking for without a search & rescue. I love the bag, I love the look, I am 5’6″ and can carry a substantial bag. If I do need to carry a lot, it works too. It’s not for everyone or for every circumstance, however, it is for me.

replica hermes birkin bag price Can you please just explain why you like carrying a big bag around? general actually brings up a good point. What is the allure?

replica hermes birkin bag price 2019 Like, do you actually carry more stuff in your large bags? Because to me that almost seems the opposite of luxury, being weighed down. But I’m looking from the outside and I don’t have your perspective.

Maybe you can shed a little light on the discussion. And yet you keep responding… Can we get back to fashion or do you insist on making this all about you?

replica hermes birkin price She is–I don’t understand the vitriolic comments from her –really?? It’s so high school –I really don’t know anyone who speaks like that –making the personal comments & frothing at the mouth

Then observe & learn. Quit abusing me. I am happy with myself, I do not need you to be. You are an abuser!

No, I am here to observe and learn about the upcoming fashions. Maybe if you read more and observed your comments wouldn’t be picked apart by so many people.

7th grade? I wouldn’t flatter yourself that much, I just checked out your profile with all your comments. I would say 4th grade tops, maybe the next time you’re in Hermes ask if they have a thesaurus instead of a Birkin. Have a good night! 😘😘

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replica hermes gypsy bag You think there is only one size of Birkins? Only some, like the one above are made specific and in limited quantity. All the Hermes bags I own are available in many different sizes. From small to darn near gigantic. You at least should go to a boutique, really see what the label is about. It’s really handmade quality.

replica hermes picotin So you buy oversized bags because you can? I don’t have a problem with the price of the bags, the size is just very… large. I can’t imagine carrying such a large heavy bag around.

I’m curious who wears these big bags. I guess if you need an expensive diaper bag. I like the minimalist look but it’d have to be half the size before I’d consider it.

It is still hand stitched. Each Hermes craftsman makes a bag from cutting leathers, piecing it together & stitches every stitch & attaches hardware. Stitches are just all in the interior of the bag. They are really amazing.

I actually like this version of the Birkin versus the normal one. In fact, I really love this version! That being said, the price not so much. *shrug*

Fine that they eliminated the key and clochette, but the hand stitching is one of the important elements of this handcrafted bag.

replica hermes side bag Hermes quality is superb but the Hermes Magic is lost here. For 14K, Hermes has bags with more luxury features that justify their price tag. The only thing I can see there are higher profit margins for Hermes because they have to provide fewer features for their product.

Lol! I’m sure I would have no problem spending that on a bag. Its the heart attack I would give my husband that I’m concerned about! 😃

Considering what you have typed. Do not go to a Hermes boutique & really get to know the merchandise. You may just fall in love with something & shell out more than you would ever believe*)

replica hermes taschen I own no major big time labels like Hermés, replica handbags or Valentino…my most expensive bag is $1400…so I really have no reference. But, I covet the Hermés. I like this look. I’m not a fan of things hanging from my bag. I have a Louis and I would never buy one of those charms. I love that the stitching is hidden! I’m not concerned about the nation lining…quality leather doesn’t really need it. Just shows dirt/stains more anyway…if that happens. With all that said I still wouldn’t shell out that much for a purse. I would be happier with the new LOUIS lock! Adore that!

You should really go see it if you are lucky enough to be able to. With so few made, they may be sold before they get to a boutique. To actually see is to actually appreciate. A picture’s worth is a thousand words, real life can be positively breathtaking!

replica hermes twilly Okay, all the people here complaining about the price, let’s get serious…If you buy a Ferrari and you ask them not paint it, do you really expect it to cost LESS??? The real people who buy Hermes are not purchasing it for the name or the kind of attention the tiny “details” such as the lock and keys, and exposed stitching brings, they are buying it for the quality that comes with the Hermes name.

Egotistical, that is entirely possible, I am not the nicest person I know, really liberal, atheist and many more things people don’t like. However, I do love beautiful things, especially clothes & accessories. I am 52 and really have been buying high-end fashion for many, many, many years. So I do know intimate details about all my greatest loves. You have amazing taste, I adore replica handbags. One of my most favorite things in the world is a grey flannel coat from replica handbags, winter 2012. I want to be sent to oblivion wearing that. I imagine that sounds egotistical to you, well sue me hehe

I actually don’t have a problem, but thank you for worrying! I was looking through the comments on this article and your comments are quite egotistical. I have quite a few designer bags myself, but I prefer replica handbags to Hermès at the moment.

Sounds like you have a problem with others good fortune. If you re-read my comment, I did not attack you. I said, “none of the mines smelled & asked where you bought yours”. However, I did go on The Purse Blog, and sure enough, you had it right, & I thank you for the heads up! I will count myself lucky & hope this comment did not offend you. Have a nice evening Dylan.

replica hermes usa Birkins from the HERMÈS stores have been reported to stink recently. But I’m sure you would know that since you allegedly own 11 bags:)

Skunk/pot scent? I own 11 Hermes bag, from when I bought them till now, they have never smelled of anything but leather. Just curious where you buy your Hermes?

The minimal look is nice but the price tag is certainly not ” minimal.” I am definitely a HUGE handbag lover, but honestly, I would not fork over so much of my hard earned savings for a brand like Hermes. OVER THE TOP is what comes to mind. Yes, Hermes leather is phenomenal, however, no one should have to go broke to buy a handbag. It is nice, but seriously $15K and above nice??? I think it is very disrespectful of Hermes to try to dupe so many women. I will spend my money on replica handbags or Celine (amongst others) because at least they try to keep the price in a range that won’t break the bank for many women. Sorry for the ranting…it just irks me that so many women continue to feed into this Hermes frenzy and that they are trying to sell a minimalist bag for an insane price!!! Just plain disrespectful…

For the price, I expect the bag to be FULLY LINED in LEATHER. I would also want the lock and key as well (it should be an option for the wearer to hide the lock and key). Hiding the stitching is acceptable. Trend or not, we should get our money’s worth. Prices keep increasing and now they want to dictate “minimalism” by cutting costs?!

Finding information on Hermès bags is not easy, and that’s by design; keeping its bags mostly shrouded in mystery helps the brand maintain the sense of exclusivity and scarcity that makes them the most coveted–and most expensive–accessories in the world. The Hermès website features only a tiny fraction of the brand’s full lineup available for purchase, and if you want more information than what it provides, you better get very familiar with our replica handbags or spend a lot of time trying to sift through conflicting information on the Internet at large. That’s where we come in.
It’s in the brand’s best interest for customers to think that they need to form a relationship with a sales associate in order to get the whole story, but we’re big fans of having information at our fingertips. Below, you’ll find the first step in our ongoing quest to catalog Hermès handbag offerings. We’ll also be compiling guides to Hermès colors, leathers, sizes and pricing, but first: a simple, visual guide to which names correspond to which bags, and how similar models differ from each other, with photos sourced from trusted auction houses, resale sites, and our own Forum members.

We tried to include all the bags that we knew of which are currently being manufactured or were in the somewhat recent past. Because of the brand’s cloak-and-dagger approach to luxury accessories, it’s highly likely that we’ve missed a couple of bags along the way; if you know of something that should join this group, please let us know in the comments. (If you have a link to a photo, even better.)

Love them all! Never out of style. I already have four, now saving for the Constance bag. I find my other bags, more ‘modern’ are of a lesser quality OR the color goes. Whether I always keep them in their dustbags.

The “Le Tote” is actually called the Initiale. As a few noted, currently produced bags missing from this list include the Convoyeur, Atlas, and Pliplat. It’s Double Sens, not Double Sense. Did I miss the Kelly Cut? Also, maybe it’s a good idea to separate, say, the Kelly Relax from standard Kelly, and same with the Bolide? Also, Shoulder Garden Party with the long handles.

I will add the Alfred! And the others as well–we definitely want this to be a resource for people trying to buy popular resale bags, whether they’re current styles or popular vintage pieces.

best hermes replica The Alfred messenger is missing, and perhaps you could add the Piano, Boule, and Boutonniere, which are older style handbags but they do frequently pop up on the resale market.

Tanners pay farmers more for unblemished hides (no scars from razor wire fence, mosquito bites etc) so there are actually grades of cowhide. How much does it factor into the final price that I don’t know? (Just putting it out there for reference in case anyone reads this.)

The leathers are beautiful but aside from the Bolide, Kelly, and Birkin, the bags are just odd looking. I’ve seen them in person and they look the exact same in the store as they do on this page and I have to say that this most of the hype around designer bags, especially at the premier level is imagery – to own one makes you part of an “exclusive” club and to ensure that they make the price so high that most cannot afford it and keep quantities so limited that you have to get on a waiting list for most of these bags.

birkin bag hermes replica No bag is worth more than a few hundred dollars and even then, it would depend upon the craftsmanship of the artisan. All bags are made from animal skins – every single one. No matter what the animal the end product is wholly dependent on the processing of the skin and NOT the value of the animal. Afterall a goat is a goat is a goat… be honest, this entire industry is nothing more than a sham. It probably cost them 95% less than the actual price to manufacture the bag but people like to feel important and make a statement and so they “invest” in handbags to boost their image and imaginary status not understanding that they are merely dupes (they are paying top dollar to advertise for the designer) and the manufacturers are laughing all the way to the bank.

Thanks so much for putting this together! I thought I knew the brand well but even I saw a couple of new bags.

birkin bag replica I bought my Marwari on The Real Real for $2900.00 in pristine condition. It’s in the ceil blue and very pretty, but huge…I mean HUGE! I just bought the Evelyne III GM in Togo Leather today. Yikes, I’m not even going to admit how much I paid for it. Oh well, I’ve been wanting an Evelyne III GM in the beautiful to leather for a long time now and I got lucky and got what I was waiting for in a beautiful color of purple. Can’t wait to get it!

I like that Marwari bag. I’ve never seen it before. How much does it run? Evelyn III is good should bag for “kicking around town” and holds up very well.

Also, since you are including vintage styles here, the Lydie, the Le La, Web Bolide, 1923 Bolide, Whitebus Up, the MacPherson, the Sac Mallette, the Sac a Malice and the Balle de Golfe. And if you want to get really old the Monaco. There are so many! I am a dork.

I actually like the Kelly more than the Birkin. Skins are the only way to go because fewer people could afford them. There are just too many Birkins out there nowadays, which are probably fake.

Amazing! Never knew Hermes carried this many styles. Some are actually nice :).. (As if there aren’t enough handbags on my wishlist LOL)

birkin hermes bag replica There are two “Himalayan” references in Hermès. The “Himalayan” crocodile refers to the gradated snowy gray color of the skins. It varies because skins vary but there aren’t different colors of Himalayan croc. The “Himalaya” bag is a different bag model as pictured above, very angular and has an 80s Memphis look to it. Totally unrelated.

Thank you, yes it was even too big for my sister and she is about 5’7″. But neither of us liked the opening. However, I never knew its name. I thought the Himalaya was that rare crocodile that Mrs. Beckham received when she had her baby girl—with the diamond clasp, etc. Anyhow, the photo that I would call the Himalayan is below and now very rare because of the skins and comes in grayish, more white, and cream colors. Any help or comments on the correct names? Thanks much and I can go to sleep dreaming about a 200,000 euros handbag!

If I am not mistaken it’s called Himalaya bag. A friend of mine also a tpf member has this exact style & color combo. This one quite a big bag.

I have never come across a Hermes bag that excites me. I can appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into making these bags, but that’s all.

birkin replica HMM! I am pretty old but even I did not remember some of these boring styles. But I looked at each with a very critical eye and remembered why neither my Mother, sister or I bought some of these styles. Have you ever bought handbags from any other maker with such totally impractical openings??? Or where to make your fashion statement you have to walk on busy streets or through airports with you handbag basically OPEN?? And as it is the start of fashion weeks in Paris, have you ever looked at the size of the handbag vs your height or your girth? For example, a woman with ample hips and a Lindy bag or even a Toolbox? I am lucky I own several different styles including birkins and Kellys but my favorites so far remain my “black” Birkin (does that count as an additional style?), my JPG shoulder bags, and my absolute most comfortable style the MASAI CUT!! I may never forgive myself for not buying more of this style—perfect size for me, two different length straps, SWIFT so soft leather and no giant hardware!! Yes, I am guilty, I bought the longer and slightly wider Masai too–but traded with my sister who is 4 inches taller than me!old

That being said, would someone take a look at the photo of the KELLY LAKSI above? Is the zipper stitched as badly as I think or is it just the way it was photographed??

fake hermes belt Please see photos of the giant Bolide and a closeup of its print plus the Casaque and the Picnic Basket from 2012. I don’t know how or if you want to count these as separate styles or not but here is the info.

And my Mother had two styles that I have only seen at Christie’s auctions—one cutie that looks like a pumpkin with arms which she called her Kelly Doll Bag and one from the 1960s that looks like something a samurai would wear that I saw on eBay once. And there is this giant Bolide that Hermes used to make for ladies who traveled in the 1930s that was auctioned by Artcurial in Paris. Thanks so much for the trip down memory lane!

And if you want when I get back to my house next week I can do out some pre-1990s Hermes bag photos.

Please note: I am being forced to send each photo separately so I hope this does not annoy anyone too much.
I agree. Some are simple and elegant but nothing amazing. Even using the “best” leather they are grossly overpriced. The illusion of exclusivity.

hermes bag price replica I have a few Pradas (still think they are overpriced even though I bought them). When I carry one I always get better service in shops and restaurants – so stupid. Why should my bag define me? (sorry, digressing here…)

the majority of these are….blah. if they weren’t Hermes nobody would look twice at them…

If your new year’s resolution included buying more Hermès handbags or accessories, then you might want to move some money between your accounts and make some power moves, because time is of the essence. Both users on our Forum and shopping site Mizhattan have confirmed that Hermès will make a significant price increase in US boutiques before the end of the month, affecting almost all of the brand’s product categories.

hermes bag replica Reports indicate that price increases will be between 5% and 10%, depending on category, and that bags, in particular, will increase on January 28. If you’re a silk lover, you have a little bit longer–we’re hearing that scarves will get their increase in February. Smaller categories are also affected; gloves and hats will increase on January 20, and some homewares will follow on January 30. Ready-to-wear will also get a price hike early next week.

Hermès’ last price increase was almost exactly a year ago, with prices going up a similar six to ten percent. A year before that, Hermès’ January price increase was seven to ten percent. It will likely not shock you to find out that the same thing happened in January 2012. Hermès shoppers should know to get their shopping done before New Year’s for the foreseeable future. Worldwide demand for Hermès continues to grow, and higher prices only help to preserve the air of exclusivity that the brand so meticulously cultivates.

If you’re a European customer, I have some bad news (of which you are likely already aware): your price increase has already happened.

hermes bags replica All you ladies are just jelly. It’s people’s own money. They didn’t ask you for a dime. No one questions people’s morals when they line up for Alexander Wang x H&M or go gaga over Black Friday sales. Want to make a difference? Start with yourselves.

Oh, screw them, really. Hermes, replica handbags-Chanel and all going absolutely ridiculous with increases. Not my fault Euro is sinking quicker than Titanic. Why do I have to ensure the executives are not getting sacked for their bottom line?

Totally agree, especially about the “false scarcity.” Authentic Birkins are all over the consignment sites, and it is kinda funny that such an expensive and “exclusive” bag is commonly sold used.

A Birkin is a basic leather tote. It’s the most simple, boring design possible and if not for the 5 figure price tag, wouldn’t be given a second thought. The false scarcity and high price make it a favorite of the nouveau rich, in terms of design, it simply doesn’t compare to the likes of Balenciaga or Dior.

Better make that dash to buy and ensure I get a lower price! If I have the money to spend on a Birkin, I don’t think a price increase would faze me.

hermes belt replica oh wow your boring capitalist bullshit hurts my feelings so much, I’m crying with I’m sorry I don’t prescribe to your bullshit classist attitude that rich people are ~untouchable~ precious babies while they step on the backs of poor people. Tell me more, you probably think healthcare is a privilege instead of a right. Go privatize your asshole, plz, thnx.

I really don’t see the difference between spending thousands on a handbag vs. a piece of art for your home.

I guess a lot of poor people are stealing from poor, rich as fuck designers. A moment of silence for the rat’s asses I do not give about someone whose net worth is a billion+ USD losing out on what is, to them, change in their pocket. Sorry, no sympathy for rich people while poor people are looking for some status symbol of wealth because they’re told they’re only worth their humanity when they have money.

hermes birkin replica Absolutely agree with you. We all seem like influenced by fashion media and some of us are completely brainwashed. I just can’t see myself to spend $$$$ to buy a Birkin or replica handbags bag while I can buy well crafted and not so much mass produced bags. Status?? I think not many people would recognize those high-end designers bags unless if you are a huge fun of FASHION! And some of them sure to think how silly it is to spend crazy money for a bag. Also, there are well-crafted copy designers bags are available lately, and not many people would notice when you carry a fake bag, right? I used to spend lots of money to buy Hermes, LV, PRADA, Goyard and etc, but one day I asked myself why am I spending my money on such stupid price? It took me some time until I see the real life. I rather save my money for the special holiday or for my loving house.

Personally don’t get the appeal of a Birkin…It’s all about status…There are so many other well crafted unique and not overdone handbags in the world I don’t think I’ll ever …

Love these pics. It would be great to have an article with stories from readers on where and how they acquired their Birken, Kelly, and Constance bags if they were fortunate enough to get them directly from Hermes.

hermes blanket replica Two days ago, Kim Kardashian did something that tends to garner her a lot of attention, both here and elsewhere: she carried an Hermès bag that was not in its original, fresh-from-the-boutique state. Kim’s a pageview boon all over the Internet, so fashion sites were quick to pick up on the debut of her new Hermès Birkin, painted by none other than baby North. The problem, of course, was that the bag was clearly not a Birkin, but an Hermès Herbag. In the spirit of service (and of staying in our lane), we are here to provide some clarification.
Everyone from The Cut to Complex to Lucky Magazine (which has since corrected the error) called the bag a Birkin, and while it might be easy for a casual observer to conflate the iconic Birkin with the rest of Hermès’ offerings, the brand makes about a zillion different bags. It’s sort of like assuming that all dogs are Shih Tzus because that’s what your parents had growing up, even though you’ve seen golden retrievers in the park and, hello, clearly not Shih Tzus. There’s a whole diaspora of bags out there that people are missing out on, and that makes us sad.

To clear up any lingering confusion, we have created a handy-dandy visual guide to notable Hermès bags and their various degrees of not-Birkinness.

hermes bracelet replica Hermès Haut Á Courroies Bag
Status: Like a Birkin, That’s Ready to Try Out for the NBA
The distinctive feature of this bag is that it’s taller. A Birkin, but tall. Still not a Birkin tho.Hermès Jypsiere Bag
Status: A Birkin for Millenials
The Jypsiere is pretty new, and its purpose is clear: use Birkin details to lure in younger customers who view the elbow-carried Birkin as too matronly and cumbersome. Also clear: not a Birkin, or a Birkin shoulder bag, or anything else but a Jypsiere.
Hermès Constance Bag
Status: The Birkin of Shoulder Bags
hermes kelly replica The Constance isn’t a Birkin (it is a Constance), but it is the brand’s most well-known and exclusive shoulder bag, and that makes it similar to the idea of a Birkin. (It’s still a Constance.)
Hermès Herbag
Status: Way More Like a Kelly Than a Birkin
If fashion writers had taken a cursory glance at Kim’s new bag and assumed it was some sort of weird, special edition Kelly, that would have been understandable–the bags have similar top-handle structure and wrap-around flap closures. The finish, though, is entirely different.

Hermès Evelyne Bag
Status: Are You Blind?
If you look at this soft, casual bag with its enormous perforated logo and think, “Silly Hermès, trying to fool me into thinking this isn’t a Birkin!” then maybe you are not cut out for this handbag life that we’re livin’ over here.
Hermès Kelly Bag
hermes replica bags Status: Not a Birkin, but Also Famous
The Kelly is the most famous not-Birkins of all the not-Birkins, what with its structured shape, reach-around strap closure, and name based on an iconic female celeb. Don’t be fooled, though. It’s still not a Birkin.

Great that you put out an article clearing this up!! It was so frustrating seeing all these fashion magazines calling the Herbag a Birkin!

The Constance is my favorite Hermes bag, Kelly is a close second. I’ve never been a huge fan of the Birkin anyway.

Hilarious! I did think it was a
hermes sandals replica Kelly at first glance, but thank you for the education and the
entertainment! Here’s my Picotin Lock, in Bleu Izmir, which I pair with a bright twilly <3 I love this bag and never see them, and it seems to get more compliments than my Birkins!

I know, right? That’s the Hermes bag I’d own… if it were ever in the cards for me to own a Hermes bag. I just saw one on the (Hermes) Scarf of the Day Thread in a shade called “Iris,” a rich blue, paired with a stunning blue & orange 90cm H scarf… TDF!!!

kelly bag replica Thank you for this. People were freaking out about destroying a $20k handbag. First, not all Birkins are $20k. Second, the Herbag, while still expensive for a lot of people as far as handbags go, is relatively inexpensive in Hermès speak. People’s general ignorance about Hermès is why I love the Lindy and Toolbox bags so much.

Great article!! I personally like the Kelly much more than the Birkin! Also, you should have included the Lindy! Also a great and unique looking bag

kelly hermes bag replica Funny, if I didn’t know these were famous and exclusive bags, would not give ’em a second look. To each her own, but Birkin, Eveline Kelly, etc just don’t grab me, but did enjoy the education–thank you!!

The Evelyne made me laugh so much. But yes, I could easily see REGULAR non-fashion-conscious people mistaking it for a “Birkin” even though it looks more like a Kelly, but for fashion magazines to be calling it a Birkin… ugh.

replica birkin bag hermes price list The wait time is mainly reserved for the Birkin, Constance, Medor Clutch, and Lindy (and several other bags) and although almost all the bags are sought out for, leading to the lack of product for the customer and also the addition to its “desirable” factor, there are other less popular bags more available to the general public. One of them being the Herbag (or Kelly Canvas) due to its cheaper price (about a fifth of a Kelly) and also its more casual and youthful appearance.

replica birkin bag price So what happened to the infamous wait time for Hermes?? In my opinion, that Kim Kartrashian was able to get this very personalized H bag into her “Look-at-me” arsenal so quickly is more an indication of Hermes taking (falling?) a step down in class and prestige.

replica black hermes bag Why do speedy sell so much, not just because it is more inexpensive, but its really more practical and lovely too! Doesn’t matter if it is big or small, always right, and doesn’t have to be in monogram!

replica garden party hermes I’m probably the only woman on this planet that hates the Birkin. I don’t see all the hoopla. The Kelly though? That’s my bag, I swoon whenever I jealously see someone carrying one.